Corali Sacerdote: Pilates Teacher, Holistic Core-Restore Coach, Sports Massage Therapist, Applied Kinesiologist.

Hi and welcome to my website. As a Pilates teacher my goal is not only to give you an amazing Pilates lesson every time you visit, but to teach you what Pilates really is. I will teach you about your body, how it works and moves, how your breath can change your movement, and how proper alignment changes everything from pain patterns, to better movement and balance.

Consistent practice of the Pilates technique is what strengthens, heals and creates a real Pilates body. Experience for yourself the benefits of this wonderful method of movement, meet some great Pilates friends and enjoy our Specialist Pilates Studio at South Horrington, within the stunning grounds at Mendip Court.

Corali’s classes are not to be missed! Challenging but not too much, each class is enjoyable and full of friendly welcoming people in a stunning setting. Highly recommended for beginners to more experienced Pilates folk, there’s a class for everyone.