welcome to deeper Balance

I am completely passionate about movement, alignment, Pilates and its teaching method.

Creating a good balance between working hard, concentrating on your body, being mindful about your own movement patterns, understanding your imbalances and being able to self correct, plus also having fun in a class is of utmost priority. I make sure you challenge yourself, but equally I make sure you work on correct alignment, posture, balance and coordination. 

Joseph Pilates said:

“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits.”

My Classes : 

I teach the Body Control Pilates Method with a wide variety of classes each day at our Studio in South Horrington. I love to teach all levels of Pilates, from the real beginner to those more advanced who can handle high intensity sessions. 

My classes range from small to large groups, small equipment classes, studio equipment classes such as reformers, and wunda chairs, private sessions, High Intensity Power Pilates (HIPP) classes, Healthy Bone classes, and MOTR classes (movement on the roller). 

“Body Control Pilates is a registered trademark used under licence"

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Pilates Body Aligned Studio at Mendip Court

Studio features:

A double studio space to allow for more classes and small group sessions.

Designated waiting area with fabulous views over the beautiful grounds and Glastonbury Tor.

A brand new purpose built therapy room with gorgeous views, and the peaceful sound of birds outside.

Pilates Body Aligned is affiliated with Central Somerset Physiotherapy (CSP) who are also based at Mendip Court. We work closely with CSP and the Physio-led Pilates programmes, to be able to offer a unique close relationship between your physiotherapy treatments and your follow-on training with us.