About me : Corali

My passion has always been understanding the human body, its movement patterns, its imbalances, its strength, its muscle structure, its nervous system, its nutritional needs, its emotional states and how those affect our daily movement. It is such an amazing machine, and it fascinates me daily!

After having two children, I discovered that I had lost much of my strength, and fitness not only from the pregnancies, long months of feeding and holding babies, but also due to lack of time on my hands. I found a great Pilates teacher that inspired me to learn how to teach this method of movement that helps people daily improve their strength, stamina, posture and wellbeing. I just love teaching Pilates!

My career began with a Degree in Human Movement Studies in South Africa, which led me to work as a personal trainer in 1994 specialising in Cardiac Rehabilitation Programming and Fitness Training. This led me to Studying Sports Massage through a Physio Centre in Johannesburg, where I mastered the skills to treat sports injuries and various other complaints such as neck pain and back pain.

I qualified as an Applied Kinesiologist in London in 1998, and worked in The Wimbledon and Clapham area for about 17 years as a therapist at Neals Yard Remedies.

In 2011 I completed the Level 3 Body Control Pilates Qualification which has led me to starting up a Partnership with my colleague Zoisa Holder and setting up Pilates Body Aligned Studio in South Horrington, Wells.

I recently completed training with Burrell Education in Advanced Post Natal Core Restore Exercise Programming, helping women gain pelvic floor function, recover from C-sections, prolapses etc. I am currently completing The Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Level 2 Practitioner course.

In my Pilates classes you will learn about good alignment, de-stressing, stretching, strengthening, finding fun in training and understanding your own movement patterns. I aim to give you an amazing experience at each class helping you achieve correct breathing patterns, better posture, and a healthy back maintenance. 

Registered with Body Control Pilates Association( BCPA), REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals, and The Complementary Therapists Association (CTHA)

I am First Aid Trained with St John's Ambulance, First Aid In Homeopathy, and Fully Insured with Balens Insurance.