Reformer Pilates: Private or small groups of 3

The Reformer has a similar purpose as many of the mat-based Pilates movements, to accelerate developments in flexibility, strength and body alignment. Reformer Pilates exercises however are loaded with different springs for arms and legs, making it a more comprehensive workout for strengthening the muscles and joints. The reformer kicks up the positives a Mat Pilates program provides, including better back health, flexibility and body awareness. Regular reformer workouts can change your posture and strength faster than mat workouts.

Group Reformer classes: Block of 5 hour sessions £105

Pay as you go Group Reformer Classes: £22 per hour/ £12 per half hr.

Private Reformer Classes: £45 per hour / £30 per half hour

Reformer group or private classes need to be booked directly with Corali via email or tel. 07984 426488


Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all group classes, and private sessions.