Our Therapy room..

This Calm and relaxing therapy room overlooks the Glastonbury Tor and the beautiful grounds at Mendip Court.


Relax and unwind during pregnancy and post natally

Prepare to be amazed when you lie on the Body Support cushions! Using The Body Support Cushions during a pregnancy massage allows the torso to feel supported from its bony frame, allowing the spine to unload and decompress, alleviating pressure on nerve roots. The cushions accommodate all stages of pregnancy with a generous abdominal recess creating a gentle “hammocking” effect that supports any baby bump and provides relief from pelvic pressure.

Post Natal massage focuses on scar tissue massage for c-section scars, it helps revive the tissues that have been over-stretched and may feel tender. Fascia can get stuck after c-section operations or hysterectomies, or any operation, such as Brest cancer operation. Scar tissue massage can greatly relieve this stuck tissue by helping the blood flow better, increase the elasticity of the tissues and relieving tensions in the tissues. Highly beneficial for a full recovery.

(£50 per hour)


Sports Massage

Sports massage is not just for sports people. It is useful for anyone experiencing tension, and pain in their muscles, for those who have injuries, or simply for those who wish to have a stronger treatment. I use various techniques to release tension and discomfort in the muscles, such as muscle energy techniques (stretch and release methods), and trigger point massage if I feel your body needs it.

I have been doing massage therapy since 1994, with great success treating injuries, tension, shoulder problems, leg and ankle pains, neck pain, tendonitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff problems etc.

Each session focuses on what needs attention and will vary depending on what you present with. (£30 for half hour/ £50 per hour)



A diagnostic tool used to find imbalances in the body, using muscle testing.

Visit the association of Systematic Kinesiology to find out more about this incredible Practice.

(£60 initial session: hour and a half)